MODELART111 - 03SK : A6 GCS pininfarina #2057 all open/close


Super kit all open/close with parts in brass, limited to 5 kits only.

We present a fantastic 1/43 kit in white metal mastered by Mike Craig. Today, his work offers the best standard of quality.

First of all I would like to thank to Franco Lombardi, the actual car owner, for allowing us to take pictures and measurements of his car.

There are only 4 A6 GCS that were designed by Aldo Brovarone in 1953 and bodied by pininfarina in 1953/54. These cars were born on the initiative of Guglielmo Dei, Maserati's Rome concessionaire and are regarded today as the most fascinating Maseratis ever built.
This A6GCS pininfarina #2057 was sold new in 1954 to Pietro Palmieri. Compared to the other Pininfarina Maserati A6 CGS, it had a lower roof height. However excessive heat in the cockpit during the 1954 Giro dell'Umbria persuaded Palmieri to have the car rebodied has a two-seater roadster. The old bodyshell was kept by Guglielmo Dei and sold to Franco Lombardi in 1977.
The Pininfarina body is now fitted to the chassis of A6GCS barchetta #2070 and the engine #2080 comes from an identical car.

Thanks to JF Alberca for the photos of the first built model.

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