MODELART111 - 02 : Set 250 GTO #4491


1/43 based on the chassis 4491 GT in white metal mastered and built by Mike Craig who offers today the best standard of quality.

250 GTO chassis 4491GT was delivered to David Piper at the end of June 1963 and through its lifetime was extensively modified; both he and PeterSutcliffe raced it with considerable success. The 4491GT set will be made up of 3 models charting the evolution of the car.

1st model : Trophée d'Auvergne 1963 with David Piper Normal version

2nd model : Kyalami 1964 with John Love / Peter De Klerk - Low roof -
In the winter 1963-1964 extensive modifications were carried out on the car. The frontal area was reduced by cutting down the windscreen then the roof was lowered and re-shaped. Aluminium-alloy covers were fitted over the headlamps and Plexiglas covers were also fitted over the spotlights then both the sidelights and indicators were removed. The front and rear wings were re-profiled to accommodate wider wheels and twin vents were also fitted in the rear screen panel

3rd model : 1000 kms Nurburging 1965 with Peter Sutcliffe - Low roof + bump -
Peter Sutcliffe's preparation for the 1965 season consisted in repainting the car in his racing colour of dark Sherwood green and modifying the driver side roof line, due to the lowered roof and his height he was unable to sit in the car with a crash helmet on without the addition of the roof bump.

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