MODELART111 - 01 : 250 GT Bertone #3269


Fantastic 1/43 kit in white metal mastered by Mike Craig. His work offers today the best standard of quality.

This beautiful 250 GT SWB #3269GT was designed by G.Giugiaro and built by Bertone. This model became the personal car of Nuccio Bertone. It was presented at the 1962 Geneva Motor Show and greatly admired. The aggressive lines of the bodywork were much commented on, with the details showing the car's sporty personality : the double wedge-shaped radiator grille inspired by the Formula 1 of the day, designed by "Chiti".
If you have the chance to own the AMR KIT ref 27, you can build a set displaying the two 250 GT to recieve bodywork by Bertone.

Total Production :

Kits : 111 kits + 10 kits HSxx (to do all open/close kits but we have given up the project, only one used to do a test of open/close kit).
HS00 was used as the press presentation kit.

factory built models : 21 factory built models numbered 00 to 20.

Jean Paul Magnette Built serie : 3 models in grey metal

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