MFH Hiro : Kit Ferrari 250 GTO 1/12 scale all open/close

1/12 full detail kit in resin and metal by Model factory Hiro

Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 body

This 1/12 big-scale, fully detailed model is based on the car that raced the 1962 and 1963 24-hour endurance race held at Sarthe, and won the Tourist Trophies.

Parts of this multi-material kit are made of white metal, polyurethane, lathe-cutting metals, photo etch sheets, vacuum-shaping PVC, rubber tyres, silk-screen printed decals, and various cords.

The spoke and the rims of the Borrani wheel wire frames will be made of metal, and in separate parts that need to be assembled.

You can order one of the following versions :

・K466 Ver.A (1 in stock) : 1962 Sarthe 24hours race #19 J.Guichet/P.Noblet / #22 “Elde”/“Beurlys” / #23 F.Tavano/A.Simon

・K467 Ver.B : 1963 Sarthe 24hours race #20 F.Tavano/C.M.Abate / #24 “Beurlys”/G.L.van Ophem / #25 “Elde”/P.Dumay

・K468 Ver.C : 1963 Tourist Trophy #11 G.Hill / #16 D.Piper

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