AM Ruf : Renault 4Cv, early factory built model --> SOLD

Extremely rare : one of the very first models by André Marie Ruf...each model is unique !!!

Renault 4cv made by André Marie Ruf from a solido base around 1970-1974, before the beginning of the AMR brand.
this model comes from the seven early models found and photographied 3 times in the Amr book n°1 front cover, page 8 & page 13 .

In this book, you can read : " We were however fortunate enough to find seven 4cvs. For us, such a discovery was similar to finding the Holy Grail".

!!! Look at the Amr logo painted in red on the car... before teh beginning of the Amr company !!!

Sold with the certificate of authenticity signed by the seller of these models in 1970/1974.

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