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Alfredo De La Maria : 500 Millas de Salta - original painting

Original Oil Painting - Alfredo De La Maria

price on request

Please note, the photo doesn't do justice. More colored in reality.
Painting used as the official poster of "Las 500 millas de Salta 2008".

dimensions : 100 cm x 83 cm

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About the wellknown artist Alfredo De La Maria :
Alfredo De La Maria was born in Uruguay in May 1945. His formal training was in architecture, but in 1957 his artistic talents began craving new challenges so he began painting nautical scenes. Then In the early 60's, he enrolled in "Escuela de Bellas Artes" in Montevideo to study sculpture. His work there was a huge success and soon it awarded him an art scholarship to Paris. However, ill health prevented any trips abroad. So he remained in his native country and developed his impressive technique, combining dramatic realism with a distinctive impressionistic quality.

During these years, he painted a wide range of subjects including nautical and aeronautical themes, polo events and even wildlife. Today, Mr. De La Maria is South America's best known equestrian artist. He is well respected in Europe and much of his work has been published in magazines around the world.

Mr. De la Maria has also painted portraits. In 1968 he was commissioned by the Catholic Church to paint his Holiness Pope John Paul. This painting hangs in the Vatican. By the late 1960's he was painting for leading automotive magazines. Alfredo's greatest talent is in depicting drivers caught up in a sometimes demoniac, mostly near violent rampage, grappling with their own abilities and their car's capabilities.
Thrilling - Powerful - Compelling.....His raging enthusiasm for motorsport comes alive on canvas, which will quicken the pulse of even the casual observer. Every brushstroke portrays an intensely rich and dramatically visual experience to the mind.
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