Terzo Dalia : 1/3 Engine Ferrari 250 GT competition --> RESERVED

1/3 scale Engine Ferrari 250 GT competizione in Aluminium by Terzo Dalia.

This work is a faithful representation, on a 1/3 scale, of the legendary Ferrari 250 GT COMPETITION of the 60‘s, which gave rise to the “Ferrari legend”. It is manufactured with the same technique and materials used at the Ferrari car factory: n° 26 “galsi 9” hand formed sand casting of aluminium and with n° 7 core boxes, to model and to empty out the inside, containing the total weight of only 7,5 kg. N° 31 turned stainless steel parts. N° 5 turned aluminum parts. The above said pieces are assembled manually with n° 167 screws, without using any adhesives or plastic!

The overall dimensions:
lenght 57 cm.
width 17 cm.
height 24 cm.

It’s a limited hand-crafted production, and every exemplary is furnished with a numbered quality certificate.

* 1° absolute prize at the concourse of modeling organized by Ferrari for its 50th anniversary.
* Model n° 001 is on show at the “Gallery Ferrari” in Maranello
* More than 400 parts to be assembled by screws without using admesives.

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