M. Craig : Kit Ferrari 410 S

1/43 kit in white metal mastered by Mike Craig, sold under the brand Piranha

410S Winner Palm Springs 1956 Chassis N°0598

In 1956 the John Edgar racing needed new cars to profit from the racing prowess of Carroll Shelby .The 410 Sport would replace the 375 plus Pininfarina spyder and for better handling the 410s had a reduced wheelbase and a stronger,wider,lower chassis enveloped in a Scaglietti body.The Aluminium drum brakes, huge and deeply finned were used to hold back the power of a 4,962 cc , 400 hp V12 engine. The Mont Ventoux Montage built series will represent the 1956 Palm Springs winner Chassis N° 0598 driven by Carroll Shelby ,which fought off in an epic battle the Phil Hill’s 750 Monza . The kit is new, still sealed.

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