MODELART111 - 05.1 : 375 MM spyder - multi chassis -

SOLD OUT 1/43 kit and built model in white metal

We present a fantastic 1/43 kit in white metal mastered by Mike Craig. Today, his work offers the best standard of quality.

This kit allows to do the following version :

Chassis 0360AM : presentation version
Chassis 0362AM : n°11 Sebring 1955
Chassis 0366AM : n°2 Casablanca 1953
Chassis 0370AM : n°98 Nassau 1954
Chassis 0374AM : n°14 Buenos Aires 1954 & n°14 Restauration 2014
Chassis 0382AM : n°4 March Field 1954

Limited and numbered edition of kits and built models.
the engine is not included in the kit but it will be available as an upgrade.

engine upgrade available as an option

Export price = 166 eur.

the model is also available in built version :
590 eur in display case, without engine upgrade.
890 eur in display case with engine upgrade.

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